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Bug report №1


Threre are some bugs which I found:
  1. Troubles with plot if signals have different size. (See the attachments)
  2. (In MultiDisplay view) Function "Delete this marker" remove next marker after first selected marker not current.
  3. When I try to open "Channel detail" for CSV-loaded signal, the application is crashed with exception "System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException".
  4. CSV load the column "Elapsed time" as additional channel. You can imagine that first column is time. But it is a wish.
And a BIG Question(my wishes):
Did you can/want to add the opportunity of removing noise signal ? Just manually by mouse selection of noise area.

Best regards,
Konstantin Purtov

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fplesinger wrote Mar 22 at 11:10 AM

Dear Konstantin,
Thank you for your feedback. Here are my comments:

1) one of the limitations of SignalPlant is that signals must have the same length. It is our fault that this is not checked during loading of signals from CSV. Thank you for pointing into this.

2) Interesting. Mutlidisplay view is obsolete and will be probably removed in the future, so do not focus on this plugin too much.

3) Crashes during CSV - please follow exactly the same form of CSV as in example. It works without troubles. Other forms may lead to crashes. If you wish, please send us sample of your CSV so we can test it. There may be some trouble with cultural settings. There are also "errorlogs" in temp directory, please send them as well at 4) Sorry, I do not understand this comment. In the example, the first column is the "Elapsed time".

gelez wrote Mar 22 at 11:50 AM

3) I work with signal from examples named as "ECG_sample.csv". It crashes after loading CSV file and selecting "Plugins->Maintenance->Channel detail".

4) In attachments. The "Elapsed time" column loaded as channel. but it is not a signal.

Not a bug, just wishes:
5) What about opportunity of removing noise signal from all channels simultaneously(imagine that signals are synchronized)? Do you think it is possible?

fplesinger wrote Mar 22 at 4:34 PM

3) Yes, you are right, there is a bug. Please, use double-click on any channel instead. We fix this in the next release. (we call this plugin using "double click on channel" and that is the reason why we missed that bug).

4) Yes, I think I can understand. Sometimes it is useful to check time continuity of samples, so that is the reason why it is there as a channel, even it is not the signal.

5) Technically, it is possible. We will consider the implementation.

Thank you for your feeback, Konstantin!